Real Estate

At Angove Partners, we partner with real estate investment funds to recruit professionals for all aspects of their investment strategies, including investment and acquisitions professionals, asset managers, portfolio/fund managers, and underwriters. We have extensive experience in both real estate equity and debt/financing strategies.

Our clients include multi-national real estate asset managers and institutional investors, real estate private equity, hedge funds, family offices, and REITs. We recruit across all levels of seniority.

Our research-driven approach allows us to leverage our command of the relevant candidate pool and deliver quick turnarounds for every mandate we have with our clients. For candidates and clients alike, we prefer face-to-face meetings where possible to ensure we understand their specific and unique circumstances. As with all sector-specific coverage at Angove, our search processes prioritise quality over quantity.  

For more information contact:

  Jacob Rickman

 +44 (0) 207 487 8234