M&A Hiring Trends: 3 Key Questions Answered

  • February 26, 2020

Recently we put together a report focused on M&A trends and developments of 2019 to discover how these trends and developments will impact corporate finance in 2020. Notable takeaways include mid-level professionals proving to be one of the most risk-averse in terms of career changes and smaller advisory boutiques dominating 2019’s hiring market. Below we answer three key questions which are further analysed in the report. To receive a copy of the report straight to your inbox email

What was a noteworthy M&A highlight of 2019? 

Globally 2019 was the third most active year by deal value and fourth strongest by transaction volume of the decade, despite a dip of 7% and 10% compared to 2018 in those categories. 

How will these trends of 2019 impact M&A strategies in 2020?

Overall it seems that employers are generally of the mindset that hiring will continue to stagnate in Q1 with Q2 pinpointed for 2020’s first wave of new roles. Brexit has of course been a topic of discussion, however, following the election, the uncertainty surrounding the prospect of a Labour government has dissipated, pathing the way for a more positive outlook and the possibility of growth going into H2. 

What are the key themes for 2020?

Three key themes are looking to impact 2020. Industry and sector convergence will undoubtedly continue to be a significant theme across M&A in 2020. The objectives of deals will be to gain access to specific capabilities, technology or talent, rather than merely taking control, with tech-enabled business models remaining at the forefront of blurred industry lines. Due to the record amount of dry power accumulated by Private Equity firms, which stood at almost $1.5 trillion at the end of 2019, pressure on PE firms to invest will be greater than ever. And finally, Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters will be forced higher up the M&A agenda as both a risk and driving force. This is due to now widespread awareness of the threat of climate change, together with pressure from the consume, activists and investors.

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